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Grumpy Cats is the first strategy-based staking play-to-earn game in the Solana chain. With our game's changeable conditions we are leaving the classic approach of NFT Power Ranking. Your NFT's Cat Power can change in terms of current events on battleground, it is not static!


Our collection includes 1.800 pieces of unique Grumpy Cats. Besides their Grumpy face, all cats have unique abilities

Owning a Grumpy grants access to a unique game in the Solana ecosystem, but what else?
NFT owners gain access to Grumpy Clan Wars Game
You can earn passive income by staking your NFTs
You can earn extra $GRUMPY tokens with playing game


This journey will never end, so what and when will we do while developing our project?

  • Website going live
  • Started to develop to game
  • Grumpy WL Distribution starts
  • Building game and community
  • Grumpy Wars beta tests
  • Gamified NFT Staking model demo launch(Grumpylist can play)
  • Gamified NFT Staking model demo launch(Grumpylist can play)
  • Grumpy Cats NFT Launch(Mint)
  • Game fixes and improvements
  • Grumpy Token presale & DEX listings
  • NFT Passive Staking
  • Grumpy Token Passive Staking
  • Beta Rewards Distribution


You may have questions in your mind, before you ask us on discord, maybe you can find the answers here.

A: Total supply: 1.800 Grumpy Cats.
22 Grumpy will be used marketing purposes and giveaways.
A: 7 September
A: 1 NFT can be minted per transaction.
A: 1.5 SOL
A: Magiceden and Solanart Do not buy via DM or elsewhere!
A: Will be live on SolRarity
A: Royalty Fee will be used in purchasing and burning GRUMPY Token processes, thus reducing the supply and increasing liquidity.